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Industrial Heating Solution

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Every industry is unique and has its own set of requirements.

'One for all' kind of solutions adversely effect the quality of production as well as profitability of the business. Knowing that more than 60% of energy needs of an industry is for heating, we are providing high standards of energy efficient heating solutions, which are customly designed.


Biomass Based Heating 

Heating process consumes huge amount of energy. Use of LPG or electricity for this purpose leads to high operational costs to any industry. Hence, we bring biomass based efficient furnace as our first product, which is customly designed for any small and medium scale enterprise to give a return on investment within few months. 

Value We Create


High Performance

Efficiency is higher than others & gives more heat for less fuel consumption


Low Operational Costs

Biomass like bagasse, wood pellets, etc is the cheapest fuel available in market today


Easy To Operate

Customly designed solution, perfectly fit into current operational scenarios & user skills 

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